Wednesday, July 06, 2011

    What If Youth Ministry Came with a Warning Label?

    A colleague recently posted this image on Facebook of a sign he encountered while hiking.  Reading it caused me to wonder: What if our youth ministries were so challenging and potentially life-changing that they had to come with a warning label?

    What if, instead of promoting our youth ministries with words like "Fun!" "Exciting!" and "Wacky!" we had to tell teens: Caution! Joining this ministry may result in powerful, spiritual currents taking your life in a new direction. Stay back if you don't want to be changed or suddenly see the world in a new way! If you join us, you may die and be born anew to a life of compassion, justice, mercy, peace and love. You have been warned!


    Andrew Madaus said...

    Mark DeVries writes that that would leave the best workers on the top, leaving churches with the option of picking the best candidates without having to worry as much about the fallout a younger worker can leave,