Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    Video: Ani Difranco Rethinks The Lord's Prayer

    This past Sunday our youth group began a long-term study of the Lord's prayer.  In my background research, I came across this interesting rethinking of that prayer by Ani Difranco:

    Our father who art in a penthouse
    Sits in his 37th floor suite
    And swivels to gaze down
    At the city he made me in
    He allows me to stand and
    Sollicit graffiti until
    He needs the land I stand on  

    Here are some thoughts on the meaning of the words.  What do you think?

    HT: Cobus Van Wyngaard.


    Cobus said...

    Love her work. Was reading the poem this morning again. It spoke to our situation in South Africa, and I like reading it together with the Lord's Prayer.
    But from our context in Africa, I wonder about the threat of rising up in the end. I missed the perspective (which I think is quite Biblical) that the Penthouse would be destroyed, would no longer exist, since "Jesus Christ is Lord", and not the Lord's of this world, which the threat of "coming up" leaves open ended. What happens after the "comming up"? Is it a takeover of the penthouse, or the end of the penthouse?
    But I love Ani DiFranco! One day I'm going to preach in dialogue with "I love my country".