Monday, November 28, 2011

    Do You See What I See?

    To borrow a line from the well-known Christmas carol:"Do you see what I see" in the photo above?  Look closely. Perhaps you can make out a Jesus....Joseph (and maybe even  a dog standing in for lamb)?  

    This makeshift nativity was crafted from trash by my youth Sunday school class as part of a lesson on how the characters in the Christmas story represent the "throwaway" people of their culture: an unmarried girl, outcast shepherds, a helpless baby, a poor carpenter.  Why is it important that we tell the story of Christ's birth from the perspective of those at the bottom of society?

    This activity is one of many available in our new ebook "Creative Youth Ministry Ideas for Advent and Christmas" available here.


    kolby said...

    Brian, I love it. So creative. I am going to pick up the book and try to use it this week.