Tuesday, November 08, 2011

    Should We Help Teens "Occupy" the Church?

    In my latest column at Patheos, I consider the intersection of the Occupy Wall Street movement, new efforts to lower the voting age, and the call to help youth take a place of greater responsibility within our churches:

    Rather than relegating teens to the backseat of Church life, as we so often do, why not invite them into positions of leadership and responsibility? Instead of limiting teen participation to joining the youth group or leading on one token Sunday of the year, why not invite adolescents to serve as the chairs of church committees and ministry teams or as leaders of worship? Like the Occupy Wall Street movement, we might find that allowing teens to lead and make decisions creates some messiness and inconvenience for those of us already in positions of power, but the passion of youth might also help to propel the Church into exciting new expressions of mission, ministry, and change for the better. 

    You can read the entire column and share your thoughts here.