Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    Advent 2011 Ideas for Youth Ministry: Greeting Card Mixer

    Try this mixer at an upcoming meeting in Advent or for your youth group Christmas celebration.

    Recycle the images from the front of last year's Christmas cards (or get a cheap box of greeting cards from the dollar store) by removing the back and cutting each image into 2-4 pieces (depending on the size of your group).  As teens arrive for the meeting or party, hand each a random piece from one of those greeting cards. Some time during your gathering, invite teens to find the other persons who have the matching pieces to the one they are holding. With those groups sitting together, read off one-at-a-time a list of questions for them to discuss.  Suggestions might include:
    • What is a favorite toy you received for Christmas as a kid (and do you still have it!)?
    • What are you hoping to get this year?
    • What gift are you excited about giving?
    • What funny or special tradition(s) does your family do together this time of the year?
    • Who are you particularly concerned about, praying for, grateful for this Advent season?