Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    Youth Leaders: Give Yourself this Free Gift

    Fellow youth workers: If you haven't already thought of a gift to give yourself this Christmas, I would heartily recommend that you download (for free!) the album of Advent and Christmas music by Sam Billen (and friends) entitled "A Light Goes On."  The music is spiritual, lyrical, comforting, fun, restful -- all the things we really should be gifting ourselves in this often hectic season. Merry (almost) Christmas.

    A Light Goes On‘s artistic roster is pretty impressive, including musical and visual contributes from the likes of Half-Handed Cloud, The Tenniscoats, Timbre, Dan Billen, Danny Joe Gibson, Beau Jennings, and of course, Sam Billen himself. If you’re looking for some original holiday music to listen to, or an alternative to the packaged Christmas muzak that fills stores and shopping malls this time of year, then A Light Goes On might just be the thing for you.
    The website for the project is pretty cool, too.  It includes artwork, videos, and a chance to listen to all the songs online.  


    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for this. It was one year ago that I found your blog when you were pointing us to "A Word of Encouragement"by Sam and Josh. I appreciate the music and appreciate your writings. Merry Christmas.

    Paul Sheneman said...

    Thanks for the link!

    Brian Kirk said...

    Hope you both enjoy the music!
    Merry Advent