Wednesday, January 18, 2012

    Great Youth Ministry Idea: Giant Block-Stacking Game

    Here's a super-sized game with lots of youth ministry potential for community-building.

    We've posted ideas in the past about creative ways to utlize block-stacking games like Jenga for community-building and educational purposes in youth ministry.  It just never ocurred to us to try those ideas super-sized!  But Ian at Youthblog has inspired us to do just that with his group's game that utilizes the big blocks by stacking them with your feet! There are places on the web you can purchase the over-sized blocks or your could make them yourself? The larger size playing pieces open up new possiblities for inviting youth to write on or decorate the blocks as well as increase the possiblity for using the game to develop team work skills among your youth.  Of course, it might be better to play this outside or in a wide open indoor space and you'll want to make sure you think carefully about the size of the blocks and the height of the tower so if (when?) it comes crashing down no one gets too serious of a knock on the head!


    Andy Blanks said...

    I LOVE this idea. Seriously. Super fun. I'm tweeting it and going to put in in Flashback Friday. Keep up the great work.

    kolby said...

    brian, this is great! I am going to make a few this month. Thanks for the share!

    Brian Kirk said...

    Thanks, Andy. I'm already trying to come up with a dozen ways to use this at camp this summer.

    Kolby, send us a photo when you get your giant Jenga in action!

    Phillip Allen said...

    I am going to combine this with a life size game of "Sorry" I do and add another life size game and enjoy life with my students! Thanks for the idea!

    Brian Kirk said...

    I've also tried a life-sized version of foosball with kids sitting in rows of opposite facing chairs (like a foosball game) and using a balloon which they try to bat back and forth and past the other team's goal line.