Saturday, April 21, 2012

    Missional Youth Ministry: Now Available on Kindle!

    We're happy to announce that our text Missional Youth Ministry: Moving from Gathering Teenagers to Scattering Disciples (Youth Specialities) is now available on Kindle for the excellent price of $9.99.   The book serves as a primer for those just starting out in youth ministry or for seasoned veterans looking to develop a more thoughtful approach to ministry centered around mission, worship, fellowship, and scripture.  The book grew directly out of this blog and discussions between Jacob and myself about the need for more resources that speak directly  to youth ministry in the mainline  and progressive Church. Additionally, it offers an alternative to the program-driven attractional-centered paradigm of youth ministry which has dominated for decades. The result is a resource that is both practical and theological, packed with ideas you can try out in your own youth ministry paired with sound biblical and theological explanations of that approach that you can share with your church and your youth ministry leadership team.