Wednesday, August 01, 2012

    Free "Hunger Games" Resource for Youth Ministry

     This fall our church is planning on offering a small group for teens and adults that looks at The Hunger Games from a faith perspective. 

    Fortunately, I just came across this free and very useful resource for helping youth explore faith-related issues in The Hunger Games.  This guide, available as a free download from Seedbed, is promoted as  "a how-to book. It is not about how to physically survive the Hunger Games. It is about how to engage the questions that develop out of reading the books and watching the movies. This is not a study of the movie, or a study of the Bible, but a series of questions and activities designed to challenge students to think more theologically and philosophically about some of the issues of our time." 

    Created by a seminary student with a background in youth ministry, this guide covers such topics as hunger, families, and violence in a format that includes an overview of the story, discussion questions, quotes, biblical texts, and ideas for action.

    It is also available for Kindle.  


    Ben said...

    This looks pretty sweet, actually. Normally I am so anti taking pop culture and cramming Jesus into it, but this has actually caught my attention.

    Have you dug into it? Is it something that would work in any context, do you think?

    Brian Kirk said...

    Hey Ben. I haven't used this yet, but I plan to this fall. I think it would be very adaptable to a variety of settings and groups. You could even just pull a piece of of it to use for one stand-alone meeting.