Wednesday, October 31, 2012

    "iPad" Prayer Idea for Youth Ministry

    Try this iPad-inspired idea for offering youth a way to focus on prayer wherever they go.
    I recently shared on our Pinterest page the idea above for creating a "crafty" version of an iPad screen. The site that gives steps for creating this simulated iPad intended it to be used as a greeting card. I think it could be easily adapted into a prayer experience for youth. 
    They could create these together as part of a group meeting, each person making their own. Perhaps talk about the need to take time each day to "unplug" and focus on being present with God in prayer. Under each flap on the simulated iPad screen the teens could write words or ideas to help them focus on people and places to pray for or offer thanks.  Another option might be to cut out images from magazines to glue under the flaps.  Let them be inspired by the icons as they think about what they want to pray for on a daily basis.


    Emma said...

    Thank you thank you thank you!! Have been praying all morning about a new way to teach prayer to my youth!!! Was just thinking of giving up when this popped up! :D

    Brian Kirk said...

    You are welcome! Hope it is useful.