Sunday, December 16, 2012

    Advent Ideas for Youth Ministry: Subversive Art Revisited

    A youth worker shares images inspired by our post on Subversive Advent Art.

    One of my favorite Advent activities in our church last year was creating together a mosaic image of Mary and infant Jesus out of bits of colored paper torn from Christmas advertisements and catalogs (Target ads came in handy when we needed some red!). The idea was to take the commercialism of the season and subvert its purposes in order to create something representing the sacred. You can see the image we created here and find a link to the original piece of art which inspired it. 

    Several fellow youth workers have shared with me the results of trying this project with their own youth.  I'm grateful to youth worker Tracy Wallace of Coquitlam Presbyterian Church in Coquitlam, BC, Canada who recently contacted me to share these great Advent/Christmas images created as part of her youth group's participation in Advent Conspiracy activities. 

    This project is really versatile. I know one youth minister who adapted it for use in Lent. You could use images of warfare and violence to create a mosaic icon representing peace, transform images of the world's outcasts into a mosaic of the radically welcome table of communion or even take individual photos of your own youth or church members and transform them into an image to represent what you hope to be as the one body of Christ in mission to the world.


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