Saturday, December 15, 2012

    Have Yourself A Merry Zombie Apocalypse?

    Why as people of faith do we find TV shows like The Walking Dead so compelling? It turns out that the season of Advent just might hold an answer.

    My latest essay at Patheos takes a serious look at why our culture is so interested in zombies and apocalypse, and what this all might mean for our youth in light of the Advent season:

    For those citizens of the ancient world, living lives of oppression at the hands of the Empire, knowing the end was in sight and that big changes were coming was just about the only message of hope they wanted to hear. In a sense, anything had to be better than the present situation. And what of our teens today? Do they really want to see the world turned upside down? Some do, yes.

    The mass shootings this week are a stark reminder that even as we try to bring light into the world with our holiday festivities this time of year, so much tinsel and evergreen boughs cannot hide the fact that there is still much darkness in the world, and many of our youth are experiencing that darkness in their daily lives. Might Advent be the perfect season for helping them to see how they can be part of bringing light into a world so in need of illumination?

    You can read and share your thoughts on the full essay here.  

    (Note: Image above features a paper craft zombie nativity. Not certain what to do with that theologically but maybe one of you wise readers can suggest an idea.)