Friday, February 01, 2013

    Free Youth Ministry Ebook for Lent

    Looking for ideas to help your youth experience the journey of Lent?
    We've posted many over the past few years but we know you may not have time to go digging through our archives so in 2011 we compiled a "greatest hits" compilation of the top ideas in this free e-book
    Included are Bible studies, prayer stations, suggestions for spiritual disciplines, ideas for worship and discussion activities, and links to other resources to help your youth take time during Lent to look inward and consider their own call from God. 
    Download a free copy of the book here and please feel free to pass it on and share it with others.


    Chip said...

    Thank you so much!!! I am planning a sort of 30 Hr Famine with our youth group and the rest stations from this book look fantastic!! I am new leader but the ideas look like something even I can handle.

    Brian Kirk said...

    Chip, I hope the stations are helpful. Best of luck. I've done the 30 Hour Famine several times with youth and found it to be a great experience and the prayer stations would be a nice addition to that sort of event.

    Boots said...

    The link no longer works - is there a way I could still have a look at this material?



    Brian Kirk said...

    As far as I can tell, the link is working fine, but if any of you have a problem, feel free to contact me directly at brianskirk at