Wednesday, March 13, 2013

    YouTube Faith: Week 1

    My doppelganger (henceforth referred to as Barry, my twin brother) is developing a new multi-generation study for our church centered around videos discovered on YouTube. This study is for teens as well as adults who are interested in joining the teens as fellow learners and mentors. 

    The plan is to view several YouTube videos each session as a jumping off point to discuss issues, questions, challenges, doubts, and ideas about the Christian faith.  We'll post a new YouTube faith lesson each week and look forward to your feedback. 

    Youtube Faith:  Week #1

    • What videos/types of videos do you usually ike to watch on Youtube?
    • How often are those videos related to politics, religion or social justice? 
    • Have you seen any videos about Christianity?  What did they talk about? Were they positive or negative?
    Explain that over the coming weeks you are going to explore together topics of spirituality, social justice and Christianity, all through the view that is created by this one channel:  Youtube 

    Share: Let's start by looking at one specific Youtuber's unique view on what Christianity is all about: 

    1. Tyler Oakley: Christianity in a Nutshell:


    • What's your reaction to Tyler Oakley's description of Christianity? 
    • Did you find it funny? Accurate? Misleading? 
    • What would you say to Tyler about his video and his interpretation?
    • If this was someone's first intro to Christianity, what sort of picture do you think they'd have?
    Share: Let's check on this next video from the Soul Pancake Youtube channel-- as you watch, think about what connection, if any, this has to your understanding of what Christianity is about, beyond cosmic zombies (re: a reference to Tyler's video): 

    • What do you think about Kid President's message?  What is his message?  What connection, if any, do you see with the Christian walk?
    • What does the "road not taken" have to do with Jesus and his example?
    • Respond to his comment: "It hurts, thorns, pieces of glass. Not cool, Robert Frost" 
    • KP says, "If life is a game, aren't we all on the same team? What is that team? What was/is Jesus's team?
    • How is this a different view from Tyler Oakley's?
    Share: Let's check out one more video -- as you watch, think about its connection to the idea that if we're all on the same team, what impact that has on us as people:

    3. Soul Pancake: Take a Seat - Make a Friend

    • What moments stand out to you about what these people shared? The boy removing his teeth? The woman with MS? 
    • What about being in a ball pit helped these people connect?
    • How did you see their interaction shift over the time they were talking to one another? 
    • Why do you think they opened up and became more vulnerable? 
    • Why is it harder to connect outside the ballpit? What's the link here to the Christian story? (consider the nature of fellowship, community, and Jesus bringing together the twelve disciples) 
    • Tyler Oakley thinks Christianity is sort of goofy. But so is sitting in a pit of colored balls. Yet look at the impact that had on these people.  What can we take away from that? 
    • Consider: Christianity isn't so much about a "definition" as it is our "experience" of it. 
    Share: In the weeks ahead we'll:
    • explore other videos and ideas
    • give the participants a chance to suggest videos to view
    • think about creating our own Youtube video
    (See part two of this series here.)


    wayhip said...

    What a fantastic resource - you rock!

    wayhip said...

    What a fantastic resource - you rock!

    Anonymous said...

    thanks! this is a nice follow up to our digital media program we did last week!