Monday, April 15, 2013

    Youth Ministry Pin-of-the-Day: Hand Prayers

    Here's a thoughtful idea for helping your teens pray for each other or to encourage your congregation to pray for your youth.

    This latest find from Pinterest comes from the blog by Pastor Lisa. The idea itself is simple: have a person trace their hand and then pass that along to someone else. Each time the receiver places their own hand into the person's hand print, they stop and pray for them.  I could see this as a great creative project with youth, encouraging them not only to trace their hands but also filling the hand print with words, images, drawings, symbols, and so on that relate to the things in their lives for which they need prayer.  When everyone is finished, trade around the hand prints and each person takes one home, committing to regularly pray for the owner of the hand print.  A related approach might be to collect the youth's hand prints and distribute them to your elders or other adults in the congregation who would be willing to regularly pray for the teen whose
    hand print they receive.  Pastor Lisa also suggests other approaches:  

    Praying for a sister congregation.
    Praying for students away at college.
    Praying for those who are imprisoned.
    Praying for your local firefighters, police officers, or city officials.
    Praying for a mission team while they are away.
    Praying for those who are home bound or nursing homebound.
    Praying for those who are in the midst of long treatments or recovering from surgery.

    You can read the full post here and check out all my Pinterest pins on youth ministry, creative prayer, and more here


    Anonymous said...

    Love this idea. We have graduating seniors paint their hand print on the wall of our youth room... I think it would be a great idea to have current students put their hand over the painted hand print and pray for the college student.

    Brian Kirk said...

    Thanks for sharing Kemphn. That's a great idea. We actually tried this out in worship with the whole church this week, tracing our hands on the blank cover of the worship bulletin, signing our names to it and things for which we needed prayer. Then we passed them around until we each ended up with another persons and covenanted to take them home and once a day put our hand on that person's handprint and pray for them. Many people found it a very moving experience.