Wednesday, November 06, 2013

    Video: Teens' Selfless Act of Compassion for Teammate

    The middle school football players in this video do something that is pretty unheard of in our competition-driven culture -- they placed compassion and respect for the most vulnerable among them ahead of "winning the game."

    I recently preached on the topic of "life after death." I suggested, using the story of the prodigal son, that for Jesus "life after death" was not primarily about the death that happens at the end of life but rather the death that occurs in the midst of life. It is the death that happens when we are cut off from community, when we have no "family," no identity -- when we are "dead" to others. New life happens when we are called by name, drawn back into community, given a family to belong to and come to know our true identity as beloved. 

    This video reminds me that part of our ministry to youth is to help them understand their role in Christ's mission to create life out of death -- to create community where all are welcome.