Monday, December 09, 2013

    Youth Ministry Pin-of-the-Day: Christmas Tree Prayers

    Here's a simple idea to use as a worship experience this Advent season with your youth or as part of your group's Christmas party fun. 

    Invite your youth to use their creativity and work together to fashion a Christmas tree of prayer. This idea, really developed for school children (why the most creative ideas often for kids?), simply uses an equilateral triangle. 

    Once you've made a template, trace the triangle shape on green card stock and cut out enough for each person to have one. Provide participants with a variety of art materials and scraps to decorate their piece of the tree however they like. In addition, ask them to write, draw, or in some other fashion include on their piece the names of persons and places in the world they would like to include in prayer. Finish by taping the triangles together (some pointing up, some down) to form a beautiful Christmas tree of prayer and hang it on the wall. Perhaps close the activity by inviting each person to share those they have included in prayer.