Thursday, February 13, 2014

    A Rethinking Youth Ministry Update

    Greetings. For those of you who frequent this site, it may be obvious that lately we are not updating the content quite as often. The primary reason for this change is that both Brian and Jacob are now serving as senior pastors and so have less time to focus on youth ministry directly.  Of course, that does not mean that we have lost any of our passion for serving youth in the church or supporting those of you who are committed to youth ministry. 

    And we continue to work on new resources to help those of you in the trenches. In late November of last year, we released a new Advent/Christmas resource and Brian is currently working on a new creative Bible study resource which should be available this spring. In the meantime, we continue to keep this site "live" so that you can make use of the many ideas and resources posted here.  We hope they are of help to anyone serving in youth ministry, but particularly to our colleagues in the mainline and progressive churches for whom useful youth ministry resources are often few and far between.  Relatedly, if you would be interested in sharing an idea, resource review, Bible study, and so on with the readers of this site, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We are committed to being a clearinghouse for quality ideas for youth ministry.  And as you wait for us to share something new, don't forget to check out our "back catalog" in areas such as:

    Bible study
    Creative worship
    Holiday/Liturgical Year ideas
    YM ideas/resources
    Prayer Stations
    Church Camp

    Best wishes.  
    Rethinking Youth Ministry


    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for all that you do!! May you be blessed in your new positions and as you continue to seek to be a unique, helpful resource to the youth leader community.

    Brian Kirk said...

    Thanks CSM, and for all the great work you do helping young people discover their call to the mission of the Church.

    Megan said...

    Thanks for sharing I was a little worried you all were done. I love this sight and often look back at past years for resources.

    May you and your churches be blessed.