Friday, November 07, 2014

    Creating a Prayer Mosaic with Youth

    Try this creative pray method for helping your youth create a vibrant visual expression of how prayer binds us together as a family of faith. 

    Sometimes youth come to that moment when you ask "Who has a prayer concern or joy to lift up?" and nothing comes to mind. Recently, I tried this activity in worship as a way to stimulate ideas for prayer perhaps beyond what  might normally come to mind and to aid those who might have trouble focusing on a specific need or blessing.  

    Provide each participant with a colored paint chip (like they have at home improvement stores) or square of construction paper. Invite them into a time of prayerful meditation where the specific color of the square guides their thoughts. Perhaps a green square invites them to think about their gratefulness for the gifts of creation.  A blue square might remind them of a friend struggling with depression. A yellow square calls to mind a family member who brings warmth into their lives. Encourage the youth to write or draw something on their square that represents their prayer. 

    As they are ready, participants come forward to a canvas or piece of foam board where they will adhere their square. You could simply give everyone a roll of tape to put on the back of the squares so they will stick to the canvas. In my case, we actually lined the entire canvas with double-stick tape so all people had to do was come forward and stick their square right on (without the annoying sound of someone pulling tape off a roll over and over). 

    As each participant places their square, a beautiful, colorful mosaic forms.  Finish your time together by inviting youth to share, if they choose, what they prayed for and to discuss how the mosaic (both the finished product as an art piece and the process of creating it) symbolizes what happens when we pray together as one community of faith. 


    Melissa said...

    I'm going to try this tonight, thank you!

    Brian Kirk said...

    Great Melissa. I'd love to share photos of the results.