Tuesday, September 29, 2015

    Personal Labyrinths for Youth Ministry

    I recently came across this image from from The Labyrinth Society Facebook page. Imagine creating these at a lock-in focused on contemplative prayer. Each student could make their own mini-labyrinths, personalizing it with different design or style. Send them home with some written suggestions on how to utilize their labyrinth as a daily prayer practice. Covenant as a group to walk your personal prayer labyrinths for a week or month, perhaps, and then share your experiences with each other. 

    Another option: After you have used these mini-labyrinths as a group for awhile, invite each youth to gift their labyrinth to a friend or an adult in your church with the invitation for them to walk and pray the labyrinth for a week or month and then pass on the labyrinth to yet another person.  Suggested items needed for project: muslin, brushes, acrylic paint, pencils, sample labyrinth designs. 


    Britt said...

    What an awesome idea!!! We will use this for our hang-out Wednesday group (high schoolers).

    Thank you so much!