Looking to take your youth ministry in a different direction?

    Searching for a new youth pastor and trying to discern what sort of ministry you want them to lead?

    Seeking an affordable opportunity for training your lay youth leaders?

    Ready to rethink your ministry with youth and develop a new understanding of your mission together?

    Brian Kirk and Jacob Thorne have over 25 combined years of experience in youth ministry.  They have worked with both large and small youth programs, including youth ministry start-ups. They are ready to assist your church, your youth pastor, or your lay leaders to rethink your ministry together and offer tools for seeking new opportunities and new expressions of your ministry with teens. 

    A sample of events Brian and Jacob offer:

    Rethinking Youth Ministry - This retreat is designed to lead participants through a two-day discernment process, rethinking the basic assumptions of attractional youth ministry programs and offering a new way forward for a ministry with teens centered in mission, prayer, worship, study, and fellowship. Session topics include: Why Do We Need to Rethink Youth Ministry?, How to (Re)Build a Youth Ministry, Why You Don't Need Volunteers, Rethinking Learning in Youth Ministry, Worship that Connects, and Current Issues in Youth Ministry.

    Missional Youth Ministry - This program is designed to help you rethink the mission focus of your youth ministry from the ground up, asking "Why are we doing what we're doing?" Assessment activities help your youth pastor, youth director, or youth team determine your church's particular call to ministry in your context and how to follow that call with a ministry that impacts teens spiritually. Particular attention is given to helping you focus and prioritize your ministry  so that all you do is intentionally part of the mission of the Church. 

    ADULT-TEEN BOUNDARIES & YOUTH MINISTRY This one day workshop is designed to help you develop appropriate boundaries within your church between teens and adults and between youth and their peers.  The focus is not on protecting your program legally but on developing a ministry where teens feel safe and can experience the love of God.  Topics discussed include the need for boundaries, facts about abuse in the church, safe touch, identifying and reporting abuse, and supervision and care of youth.  The workshop is interactive and encourages dialogue through role place, scenarios, and sharing of experiences and ideas for applying these safe boundary guidelines to your particular setting.

    Comments from participants at a recent Rethinking Youth event:

    Brian and Jacob did a great job of explaining how to minister to youth instead of a program for the youth.
    Provided lots of encouraging information.
    Very knowledgeable.
    Fun and relaxing event.
    Great - very relevant, upbeat and challenging.
    Everything was satisfying. It really opened my eyes to think outside the box.

    If you are interested in any of these programs or need assistance in a particular area, please feel free to contact us about schedule and fees. We'd love to hear from you and we are ready to adapt our programs to fit your unique needs, setting, and time frame.  You can reach us