We are pleased to announce the release of our new text Missional Youth Ministry: Moving from Gathering Teenagers to Scattering Disciples published by Youth Specialties/Zondervan.  

    This book draws on the conversation we began with readers of this site in 2006 and proposes a vision for authentic youth ministry in the 21st century Church.

    It is one of the few texts focusing on youth ministry from a mainline progressive point of view. Grounded in scripture and solid theology, the text offers a host of ideas for creating a ministry in which every component is focused on the mission of the Church. 

    Chapters include:

    Rethinking Youth Ministry
    The Foundations of Missional Youth Ministry
    What is Missional Youth Ministry?
    Building Real Relationships
    Puposeful Planning
    Why You Don't Need Volunteers
    The End of Educational Ministry
    Worship That Connects
    Creating a Missional Youth Ministry

    Read one youth minister's review here.

    From Group Magazine:

    Most youth pastors want their teenagers to go deep in their faith, but we often have no idea what that means or how to actually get there. The authors do a great job of trying to help youth pastors think beyond the pizza and games that many youth ministries live on. These bloggers describe what a deeper youth ministry looks like, with chapters on Purposeful Planning, Why You Don’t Need Volunteers, and The End of Educational Ministry. The second chapter lays out some foundations for a missional youth ministry—pieces that many ministries are missing. Kirk and Thorne integrate posts from their blog that highlight their interaction with the youth ministry world. One thing I wish they would’ve included more of was how this missional youth ministry worked within the local church. But I’m thrilled to see a book like this.

    From the Publishers:

    A thoughtful discussion challenging the traditional model of activity-focused youth ministry.

    Based on a series of blog entries and responses, Missional Youth Ministry is full of information, opinions, and examples of why and how churches are failing their young people. Authors Kirk and Thorne make a solid case for letting go of old activity-based paradigms in favor of ministry that is grounded in the essentials of prayer, worship, community, education, mission, and spirituality. Theologically sound yet conversational and contemporary, Missional Youth Ministry provides a thought provoking road map for routing youth programs out of the "basement" and into the sanctuary where young people can better share and grow in the mission of the church.

    This book will appeal to all those working "in the trenches" of youth ministry who are seeking to offer students a deeper, more consequential missional role—not as the "church of the future" but as valued parts of the body of Christ in the here and now.

    The text is available through most online book retailers. An Ebook version of the text can be purchased for Kindle here or the Nook here. You can read sample chapters from the text here and here.